My name is

Andrea Riboni

and I'm an engineering student

About me
  • 19
  • /
  • Italy
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  • Student

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High School
Some projects
SquEat is an assignment realized with 4 other people; I had the role of "project manager" and It was our project for the high-school's final exam
Othello is the final project of my penultimate year of school; the game works client-server and the user can play with bots
Garden is a personal project in which I hypothesized how the birth of new flowers in a garden worked by simulating it in a basic way
Labyrinth is the first project of my penultimate year of school; It creates a maze and let the user solve it
This project allows to create a data structure similar to a relational database and retrieve the JSON which is representing it
A homepage realized using Material-UI and React.js. Github